Food: Sogongtong Egg Mari

I’m an avid egg lover, and I looooove anything that has eggs. In Korea, they have a dish called Egg Mari (Gyeranmari) which is basically egg omelette that is rolled up. Some restaurants have this as a side dish! A few days back, my Korean friends brought me to a rather famous restaurant for lunch, and imagine my joy when she told me that their Egg Mari is delicious!!! The restaurant was filled with locals, and also has a few signed autographs!


Take the subway to Hapjeong Station (Line 2 and 6), and exit via Exit 9. Upon taking the escalator up from Exit 9, you will see Home Plus. From Home Plus, you simply have to walk all the way straight.SGT.001 SGT.002 SGT.003Once you have reached a Bubble Tea store called Chatime, take a left turn.SGT.004There will be a row of shops, and the restaurant, Sogongtong, is one of them.SGT.005 SGT.007What we ordered: Stir fried octopus and meatSGT.008What we ordered: Cheese Egg Mari

When the Egg Mari was served, my friends and I were SHOCKED because we have never eaten such a huge Egg Mari here in Korea. To add on, there were cheese oozing out of the omelette. Imagine our joy 😀 😀 😀

The restaurant is situated in a shopping mall, which is rather rare for a place like Korea. When we stepped out of the station, it felt like we were back in Singapore for a moment! I’m definitely going back again for the Egg Mari because it is just sooo goood! Slurps 😀

Love, J ❤


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