Food: Samcheongdong Ddeokbokki 먹쉬돈나

Ddeokbokki 떡볶이 is Korea’s famous spicy rice cake! While you can find ddeokbokki along the streets at the road side stalls, there are certain stalls that sell ddeokbokki with a mixture of ramen, sausages, cheese, and more. A few days ago, my friend brought us to try out a famous ddeokbokki stall at Samcheongdong, since we were around the area. It was my first time at the stall, and I’m sure I’ll go back again! 😀

MSD.008Mukshidonna (먹쉬돈나)


Take to Anguk Station (Line 3), and walk out from Exit 1. Once you exit, you will see this to your right. Walk down the path (where the black van is).
MSD.001 MSD.002The pathway down is rather long, approximately 5 minutes walk. The entire stretch should look like this – stoned walls at the 2 sides.

MSD.003To ensure that you are on the right track, look out for 57th Gallery Cafe to your left! (This photo features my 2 eating companions Sam & Nicole ^^)

MSD.004This pathway follows a girls school, and this will explain the many students you might see if you visit the shop on a weekday.

MSD.005Once you reach the end of the stone-wall pathway, you will see more shops like the photo above. Right beside the shop “Cool Hada”, turn left into the small alley.

MSD.006 MSD.007Once you turn left into the alley, you will be able to see this sign! We went rather early at 11.30am and thankfully avoided the queue. By the time we finished our meal, the queue was verrrrry long!! In order to avoid waiting for a long time, go before / after peak hours!

MSD.009 MSD.010This is the menu. On the left hand side, it shows the various kinds of ddeokbokki you can order, ranging from cheese, beef, seafood, army stew, and vegetable (from top to bottom). The best part? They are all 4,000 krw!!! MAD CHEAP. The price is for 1 portion, so you can choose various kinds of ddeokbokki from the menu, depending on the number of people you are eating with. On the right hand side, it states the various food that you can add on to your meal. Examples include ramen, udon, fishcake, pork dumplings, eggs and more.

MSD.011Tada ~ Ddeokbokki from 먹쉬돈나. It’s reaaaally delicious! The sauce isn’t very spicy, which is good because it doesn’t overwhelm any taste. The ddeok is also of the correct chewiness (is there such a word…), and the cheese that melts into the dish is simply heavenly 😀

If you refer back to the menu, they have 볶음밥 at the bottom right hand side of the photo. 볶음밥 means fried rice in Korean, and when you order that, this is what you will get once you are almost done with your ddeokbokki dish.

MSD.012THIS IS A MUST TRY! Basically they fry rice together the leftover sauce from your dish, add a few ingredients like seaweed, kimchi and corn. This really differs for different shops, so it depends. Regardless, you should always order 볶음밥 when eating ddeokbokki, because the rice that is fried together with the sauce is yuuuuummmmyyyy. If you are afraid that you cannot finish, just order the rice for 1 person! This was what we ordered, and actually it’s quite a lot as well.

The 3 of us left the shop feeling warm & fuzzy (because it was still cold…) and we will definitely return to the shop again! 😀

Address: Samcheongdong Jongno-gu Anguk-dong 17-18

Operating Hours: 11am – 8pm


Bonus: Gukdaeddeokbokki

This shop is only a few shops away from 먹쉬돈나, and is also worth trying if you are looking for snacks / street food to munch on around the area. Samcheongdong has plenty of boutique shops and cafes, and so you wouldn’t spot many street food stalls. That’s where 국대떡볶이 comes in!

MSD.013I tried this shop back in December when I visited Seoul for a short trip, and found this place with delicious street food at reasonable prices! The ddeokbokki will not be with other ingredients like ramen and all, but rather just the ddeokbokki, sauce and possibly some fish cake. This is a good pit stop if you are looking for street food, and simply want to have something light to munch on 🙂

Love, J ❤