Food: My Top 10


Here I am back in sunny Singapore for approximately 3 weeks now – wait, has it only been 3 weeks?! Gosh it feels like I’ve been home for a few months now. So far all’s good, except for this horrid Singapore weather… T.T Anyways, a couple of my friends have asked me for food recommendations in Seoul, and so I’ve decided to do a Top 10 post!

#10: Bossam

The one I always go to is called Mr.Bossam, and is located at Edae. Awesome stuff with free flow side dishes, rice and soup! The dish is also cheap – 6,000 krw 🙂

MB.013 MB.014

#09: Jokbal

The idea of eating Jokbal or pig’s trotters used to disgust me, but I grew to love it after awhile. The shop I visited, called Ohyang Jokbal is really famous in Seoul & I’m pretty sure they’ll change your mind about them – for the better 🙂
OHJB.010 OHJB.008 OHJB.009

#08: Jjimdalk

Jjimdalk is one of the few dishes that remind me of home. It’s really like the braised chicken stew that my aunt makes, except that Jjimdalk is spicier and has the taste of gochujang. I love this dish for its tender chicken, together with thick tanghoon and potatoes. There are many shops selling Jjimdalk and more recently, I have tried Cheese Jjimdalk (which is basically cheese topped over the dish). The one at Yeolbong Jjimdalk gives you the option to add cheese!

 #07: Ddeokbokki

When I say ddeokbokki, I don’t just mean the ones you eat along the streets in cups. The ddeokbokki dish that I like is similar to budaejjigae, with ramen, eggs, sausages, ham, meat and what not. There are 2 shops that I like – Red Sun Ddeokbokki and Meokswidonna Ddeokbokki. Red Sun is located in Myeongdong, and is spicier. On the other hand, Meokswidonna is more affordable, and the stew is sweeter.
MSD.011 MSD.012Don’t forget to include the option of having fried rice after you are done with the ddeokbokki dish! 🙂

#06: Korean BBQ

Of course, how can I leave out BBQ? There are many different kinds of BBQ in Seoul, and even though I’ve tried many, my favourite is still the stone BBQ at Hongdae. This is a MUST try and I can safely say you will like this more than any random BBQ shops along the road. Must try! HSBBQ.014 HSBBQ.015

#05: Chicken + Beer (ChiMaek)

You have not been to Korea, if you have not tried their Fried Chicken (try it with beer and you will never forget the taste). I like both KyoChon Chicken and NeNe Chicken (the Snowing Chicken is da bomb!!!).

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

#04: Ginseng Chicken

Slurrrps. Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken has been my go-to-restaurant every time I want to have ginseng chicken for my meal. While some may find other restaurants better, I like Tosokchon for its convenient location, fast service, and of course it’s ginseng chicken which never fails every time I try it 🙂
Untitled.010 Untitled.009

#03: Hanguk Godeungojorim & Alchon Albab

Alright I cheated – I cannot decide which one I like more, and so I decided to just rank them my #3 both together.

Hanguk Godeungojorim is definitely one of the food I will have whenever I go back to Seoul, and I’m more than willing to travel down to Hanguk station just to have this!
Sample Edit copy.008And of course my favourite food at Edae, Alchon Albab! Even though it’s just a bowl of rice with mixed vegetables, Alchon Albab has a sauce that gives it its special taste. On top of that, the Cheese Albab that I always order is only 4,000 krw! Awesomeeeeee. MUST TRY!!! 😀Alchon.008

#02: Soy Sauce Marinated Crab

Ganjanggyejang!!! I cannot forget the taste of this dish the moment I tried it for the one and only time in Seoul. Sigh I wish I had the chance to have it another time, but I will definitely return for more!!! The shop owner is also really friendly and gave us drinks for free! It’s conveniently located at Ahyeon, just a few stops away from Cityhall station 🙂 Give this dish a try, especially if you’re a fan of crabs and sashimi! You won’t regret it 😀

Crab.010 Crab.009#01: Gamjatang

MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For me, nothing beats the taste of gamjatang ❤ ❤ ❤ I absolutely love the taste of gamjatang, especially the hot soup that has been boiled to perfection for hours. The tender pork together with potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables and rice cake is the perfect combination when eaten with rice. Ohhh how I miss gamjatang already!!!!! Guys, this is a MUST MUST MUST try!!! My Korean friends have recommended me 2 chain restaurants, namely Chamimat Gamjatang and Onedang Gamjatang. The one I always go to is Chamimat Gamjatang at Hongdae! 😀CMMGJT.017Processed with VSCOcamTa-da! After looking through all my food photos I’ve finally come up with my Top 10! Pardon the double dishes at #3 because I simply couldn’t make up my mind. If you’re in Korea for a short trip, do check out the above places!!! Looking at all the food photos makes me hungry……..

I miss Korean food!!! Eat more on my behalf guys 🙂

Love, J ❤


Food: Hongdae Stone BBQ (THE BEST EVER!)

Everyone knows that Seoul is the land of awesome Korean barbecues. I’ve tried quite a few Korean barbecues since my exchange programme here last year, and I’ve finally found my favourite then. Nothing else has beat my favourite Korean barbecue restaurant, and I go back there whenever I can.

HSBBQ.014Doesn’t this just scream AWESOME!?!?!?!?! 😀

This barbecue shop is a bit special, because it uses stones to barbecue the meat (hence the title), and so I always call the shop “Hongdae Stone BBQ”!!


Take to Hongik University Station (Line 2), and come out via Exit 8. Once you exit, turn to your right and you will see the following view:

HSBBQ.001Continue walking straight, till you reach a roundabout (photo below).HSBBQ.002 HSBBQ.003At the roundabout, take a left turn (arrow as shown in photo).HSBBQ.004 HSBBQ.005 HSBBQ.006Continue walking straight till you reach the corner, and take a right turn in.HSBBQ.007 HSBBQ.008There are 2 barbecue shops as you turn in, but go to the second shop, not the first one you see at the corner of the street. The signboard should look like this:HSBBQ.009 HSBBQ.010It gets very crowded especially during the weekends, so do go on a weekday if possible. Also, try to go slightly earlier than the dinner crowd to avoid full house! We reached the shop at 6.30pm and managed to get a table for 5 easily. At around 7.30pm the whole shop was filled with customers!HSBBQ.011The dish that we like to order is the 2nd one, called 소금구이 (sogeum-guyi), pork scotch fillet. It’s one of the few dishes that can be barbecued using the stones.
HSBBQ.012 HSBBQ.013 HSBBQ.014 HSBBQ.015Yummyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

This is a definite MUST TRY every time I go to Seoul, and it’s my #1 favourite barbecue shop in Seoul!!! 😀 All my friends LOVE this place so don’t miss it!!!

P.S: If there’s a particular restaurant you would like me to try out and provide directions to, do leave me a comment and I’ll try my best! 🙂

Love, J ❤

Food: Chamimat Gamjatang

Gamjatang 감자탕, is Korea’s famous pork bone soup. 감자 (gamja) is actually potatos in korean, and so many of us were confused when we first tasted the dish because we expected to see tons of potatoes in the dish. Rather, this dish is served with boiling pork bone soup with a tinge of potato taste. I believe the potatoes are boiled together with the pork bone (and hence the name? I’m not very sure about that!). There are huge chunks of pork bone in the dish, together with some potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms and tanghoon. It goes best with rice, which can be additionally ordered at 1,000 krw (in general). 감자탕 is actually my #1 favourite dish here, because I love the tenderness of the meat, softness of the potatoes and thickness of the broth!

The shop that I usually go to is called 참이맛 감자탕 (Chamimat Gamjatang), and it is situated in Hongdae. In fact, the shop is approximately 200 metres away from Yeolbong Jjimdalk (as blogged previously), and so the first half of the directions will be the same as that of Yeolbong Jjimdalk’s.


Take to Hongik University Station (Line 2) and exit via Exit 9. Once you come out of the exit, you will see this view:


JD.002From Exit 9, walk straight along the road as shown in the above photo.
JD.003JD.004When you reach Zoo Coffee, take a right turn, and you will see a road lined with trees on both sides. Follow the road all the way straight!JD.005JD.006Once you pass by H&M on your right, cross the road.JD.007Once you have crossed the road from H&M, keep going straight.

CMMGJT.008JD.010You will pass by Redeye (one of my favourite accessories shops), as well as Nature Republic (photo below). JD.011JD.012Once you see Prince Edward Noraebang (KTV) to your left, Yeolbong Jjimdalk is near. Upon reaching Yeolbong Jjimdalk, continue walking straight, and you will pass by 7-11.

CMMGJT.012A few shops after 7-11, you will see “Snow Spoon Frozen Yoghurt” right at the corner.CMMGJT.013Take a left turn at Snow Spoon Frozen Yoghurt Café.CMMGJT.014From the picture, you will see an arrow pointing at a yellow signboard. That’s where 참이맛 감자탕 is.CMMGJT.015 CMMGJT.016The restaurant is located at the 2nd level, so you will have to climb the stairs up.

CMMGJT.017My favourite – 감자탕

I shared this with 4 other people, and it costs a total of 27,000 krw for the medium one. Rice costs 1,000 krw each. In total, I paid approximately 8,000 krw for the entire meal (since it is shared among 4 people) – totally worth my money! Small eaters can go for the small portion, and it costs 21,000 krw. The large one costs 32,000 krw.

Many of my friends said that it tastes a lot like Singapore’s bak kut teh (and I think it’s true!), except that it’s a little spicier. The dish is one of my favourite ones here in Seoul, and I even had it twice when I visited Seoul last December. Do give it a try! 🙂

Love, J ❤

Food: Yeolbong Jjimdalk (Hongdae Branch)

Woohoo! I’m here to introduce one of my favourite dishes in Seoul: Jjimdalk 찜닭. Jjimdalk is basically braised chicken with various vegetables, potatos and tanghoon – korea style 🙂 Slurps. It’s really dishes, and is a dish that reminds me of home! I personally like 열봉찜닭, a shop that’s opened by the singer Se7en. 열봉찜닭 has many branches across Seoul, and the Hongdae branch is the most accessible for me.


Take to Hongik University Station (Line 2) and exit via Exit 9. Once you come out of the exit, you will see this view:


Getting to 열봉찜닭 might be a little tricky if you do not know the way around, but that’s what I’m here for /beams/ follow the photo directions in this post and you should be able to get there rather quickly 🙂JD.002From Exit 9, walk straight along the road as shown in the above photo.
JD.003 JD.004When you reach Zoo Coffee, take a right turn, and you will see a road lined with trees on both sides. Follow the road all the way straight!JD.005 JD.006Once you pass by H&M on your right, cross the road.JD.007Once you have crossed the road from H&M, keep going straight.JD.008Here’s a bonus: for those Hello Kitty lovers, you can take a left turn upon reaching Watsons, and you will see the Hello Kitty Café. If not, just continue going straight!JD.009 JD.010You will pass by Redeye (one of my favourite accessories shops), as well as Nature Republic (photo below). JD.011 JD.012 Once you see Prince Edward Noraebang (KTV) to your left, the restaurant is near!JD.013Tada! 열봉찜닭 is above “HO Bar”. You have to climb the stairs to the 2nd level. JD.014 JD.015Presenting to you one of my favourite dishes in Seoul, 찜닭. Doesn’t it look delicious??? 😀 Those of you planning to visit Seoul MUST give this dish a try! Every friend who went with me to 열봉찜닭 loooves this dish. It’s even my bestie’s favourite dish! 😀

We ordered the medium portion for 5 girls, which costs about 25,000 krw (the price went up from the time we went there previously). You can also order rice, which costs 1,000 krw per bowl. Overall, this dish is worth the money, and will definitely leave you feeling satisfied 🙂

Address: 364-23 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm

Hongdae is filled with everything I like, and I simply have too many things to recommend! Other than 열봉찜닭, there’s another restaurant that sells my #1 favourite dish in Seoul. The directions are rather similar, but in order to prevent confusion I will leave that post to another day. Look forward to it 😀

Love, J.

Food: Primo Bacio Baci

When you are in Seoul, there are so many delicious dishes that you probably won’t think of eating any other cuisines. However, if you ever feel like deviating from the normal kimchi, rice and noodles, here’s a recommendation for you! Italian food at Hongdae, named Primo Bacio Baci. I believe this restaurant 1 branch in Myeongdong as well, but I have not patronised that outlet before – I’ve only been to the Hongdae branch.

Jeaness’s buddy Ensun brought us there during our exchange programme last year, and this time round we told her that we missed that food there and so there we went!


Take to Hongik University Station (Line 2) and exit via Exit 9. The moment you come out of the exit, you will see Skin Food, Watsons and more right in front of you. Primo Bacio Baci is right above Watsons, as you see in the picture below.
PBB.001 PBB.002This comes with every order you make, and this bread is delicious! It’s similar to garlic bread, except that it’s sweet and soft.


Ensun has some voucher to redeem and so we got this garden salad for free.PBB.004


Some of them ordered Lasagna, which is filled with mushrooms. Mushroom lovers, this is one dish you want to order!

 Pasta in Arrabbiata sauce

It’s a little spicy, and can get very spicy once you finish the entire plate of pasta so a little warning there!

PBB.005The highlight of the meal – Pasta Pane 😀

It’s basically creamy pasta served in a bread bowl, together with small pieces of bread by the side. This dish is wonderful! I loved the taste of cream sauce together with the pasta and bread. One tip: you can ask the waiter for more sauce (free!) when you’ve finished the cream sauce! 🙂

PBB.007The meal also comes with desserts after that. You can choose from Mango / Strawberry shaved ice. Very refreshing!

The restaurant is very popular amongst the locals, so do go early. For both times we had to wait, and it’s better to go on a weekday. In case the first photo is too dark, here’s another one with the shop name, taken in the day 🙂


Address: 44, Wausan-ro 23-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Telephone Number: +82-2-323-0098

Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm (last order at 10pm)

After dinner, Ensun suggested we go for Round 2 and so after walking around Hongdae for a bit, we decided to go to a nearby noraebang 😀 Look at the pretty room that we got! It’s about 5,000 krw per person for an hour, and we just spammed tons of korean songs, sang / shouted (hahaha) into the microphone, took photos and videos etc.

PBB.008 PBB.009I’ve also purchased a few Korean textbooks and will start studying for the TOPIK exam soon! This probably means more café trips 😉

Love, J ❤