Bingsu, Bingsu & more Bingsu :D

Right now I’m sitting at a café at the airport waiting to board my flight back home 🙂 Even though I’ve come to an end of the food in Seoul that I’d like to recommend, I still have tons of food photos I have in my album, so I’m going to share some more with everyone 🙂

Korea is filled with bingsu, bingsu and even more bingsu! As mentioned previously, bingsu 빙수 is similar to ice kachang except that there are different varieties here in Korea. There are plenty of shops that sells bingsu and other desserts, and the different café chains have their individual type of bingsu. I’ve tried a couple of bingsus here since last year, and here are the few favourites that I have (in no order of preference) 🙂
2014-05-08 18.07.51Oreo Bingsu from Caffé Bene2014-05-10 20.08.52Milk Bingsu from Homilpat (Directions here)
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetGreen Tea Bingsu from OsullucProcessed with VSCOcamInjeolmi Sulbing from Sulbing Korean Dessert Café
2014-05-31 15.01.08Cheese Sulbing from Sulbing Korean Dessert Café

There’s also Gelato Milk Tea Bingsu from Caffé Pascucci that I like! 🙂


Bingsu aside, I’ve been introduced to Godiva’s chocolate ice-cream recently and I fell in love with it instantly. This ice-cream costs 5,800krw (if I don’t remember wrongly), and the chocolate is heavenly and divine ❤
Processed with VSCOcamLove, J ❤


Food: Homilpat Patbingsu

PATBINGSU is a MUST-TRY every time you come to Korea! It’s similar to Singapore’s ice kachang – only a lot nicer, and with a greater variety. Most cafés, if not all, have their own variation of bingsu. This means that there is plenty to choose from! 🙂

During my exchange period, there’s a patbingsu shop that I frequent, and it happens to be one of the more famous shops in Seoul: Homilpat.


There are 2 stations you can alight from, Ewha Womans University Station or Sinchon Station. They are both on Line 2, and are 1 stop apart. Personally, I would go for shopping around Ewha before heading down to patbingsu! The first half of the directions are similar to that of Alchon / Mr.Bossam (previously blogged). Here goes 🙂

From Ewha Womans University Station, exit via Exit 2. Walk allllll the way straight after that!
Alchon.001 Alchon.002 Alchon.003 MB.002 MB.003Once you see Aritaum, be prepared to cross the street to the opposite side of the road.MB.004Once you have crossed the street to Vivito / Dunkin Donuts, walk all the way straight.MB.005 MB.006HMP.002HMP.003HMP.004After you have passed by Megabox (which will be on your right), be prepared to cross the road to the opposite side. HMP.005Once you have crossed the road, take a right turn and continue straight down.HMP.006HMP.007HMP.008The shop looks like this 🙂 There will usually be a long queue so be prepared to wait! This shop is very famous amongst both locals and foreigners, especially during summer! Note: The shop stops the queue at 9.30pm so be there before that!

2014-05-10 20.08.52What we ordered: Milk Patbingsu 🙂

You simply HAVE to try this! The shaved ice literally melts in your mouth, unlike the chunky ice that we have in ice kachang. I looove this shop, and it is one of my favourites!!! You can also try the Gelato Milk Tea Bingsu at Cafe Pascucci – another of my favourites 🙂

Love, J ❤