Food: 고등어조림 Godeungeojorim

Being in Korea, it seems hard to find dishes with fish, as there would be more of chicken, pork or beef. A friend of mine did her exchange programme at Hanguk University of Foreign Studies last year, and introduced to us a small shop outside the University that sells delicious fish stew. Since then, I’ve patronised that shop again and again even though it entails travelling a little bit more to the place. It’s all worth it though 😀

The shop sells 고등어조림, pronounced as godeungeo-jorim. Jorim 조림 stems from the basic form Jorida 조리다, which means to simmer in thick sauce or soup. Godeungeo-jorim is simply fish that is simmered together with radish, soy sauce, vegetables and soup for a long period of time.


Take to Hanguk University of Foreign Studies Station (Line 1), and exit via Exit 6. Upon exiting, simply walk all the way straight. The first few photos below show the different shops that you will see along the way.Sample Edit copy.001 Sample Edit copy.002 Sample Edit copy.003 Sample Edit copy.004 Sample Edit copy.005Once you have reached this shop, keep a lookout for the Olleh store. Upon reaching Olleh, take a right turn into the alley.
Sample Edit copy.006 Sample Edit copy.007 Sample Edit copy.008What we ordered: 고등어조림 (4,500krw – cheap!!!!!)

Yuuumm 🙂 I love how tasty the soup is, which stems from the long hours of boiling and simmering all the ingredients together. The fish is also soft, and the radish has fully absorbed the taste of the soup. To add on, the side dishes here are steamed egg, kimchi, mushrooms and more! I’m so glad to have been able to try out this dish, and I would certainly patronise this store the next time I return to Korea 🙂

Tip: Even though Hanguk Univ is rather far away on the subway map, you can always plan it after a shopping trip to Dongdaemun. Personally, I don’t find many nice stores to eat at Dongdaemun! Since Dongdaemun and Hanguk Univ are on the same line, you can always make a trip down to Hanguk Univ and try out this delicious dish 😀

Love, J ❤