Food: My Top 10


Here I am back in sunny Singapore for approximately 3 weeks now – wait, has it only been 3 weeks?! Gosh it feels like I’ve been home for a few months now. So far all’s good, except for this horrid Singapore weather… T.T Anyways, a couple of my friends have asked me for food recommendations in Seoul, and so I’ve decided to do a Top 10 post!

#10: Bossam

The one I always go to is called Mr.Bossam, and is located at Edae. Awesome stuff with free flow side dishes, rice and soup! The dish is also cheap – 6,000 krw 🙂

MB.013 MB.014

#09: Jokbal

The idea of eating Jokbal or pig’s trotters used to disgust me, but I grew to love it after awhile. The shop I visited, called Ohyang Jokbal is really famous in Seoul & I’m pretty sure they’ll change your mind about them – for the better 🙂
OHJB.010 OHJB.008 OHJB.009

#08: Jjimdalk

Jjimdalk is one of the few dishes that remind me of home. It’s really like the braised chicken stew that my aunt makes, except that Jjimdalk is spicier and has the taste of gochujang. I love this dish for its tender chicken, together with thick tanghoon and potatoes. There are many shops selling Jjimdalk and more recently, I have tried Cheese Jjimdalk (which is basically cheese topped over the dish). The one at Yeolbong Jjimdalk gives you the option to add cheese!

 #07: Ddeokbokki

When I say ddeokbokki, I don’t just mean the ones you eat along the streets in cups. The ddeokbokki dish that I like is similar to budaejjigae, with ramen, eggs, sausages, ham, meat and what not. There are 2 shops that I like – Red Sun Ddeokbokki and Meokswidonna Ddeokbokki. Red Sun is located in Myeongdong, and is spicier. On the other hand, Meokswidonna is more affordable, and the stew is sweeter.
MSD.011 MSD.012Don’t forget to include the option of having fried rice after you are done with the ddeokbokki dish! 🙂

#06: Korean BBQ

Of course, how can I leave out BBQ? There are many different kinds of BBQ in Seoul, and even though I’ve tried many, my favourite is still the stone BBQ at Hongdae. This is a MUST try and I can safely say you will like this more than any random BBQ shops along the road. Must try! HSBBQ.014 HSBBQ.015

#05: Chicken + Beer (ChiMaek)

You have not been to Korea, if you have not tried their Fried Chicken (try it with beer and you will never forget the taste). I like both KyoChon Chicken and NeNe Chicken (the Snowing Chicken is da bomb!!!).

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

#04: Ginseng Chicken

Slurrrps. Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken has been my go-to-restaurant every time I want to have ginseng chicken for my meal. While some may find other restaurants better, I like Tosokchon for its convenient location, fast service, and of course it’s ginseng chicken which never fails every time I try it 🙂
Untitled.010 Untitled.009

#03: Hanguk Godeungojorim & Alchon Albab

Alright I cheated – I cannot decide which one I like more, and so I decided to just rank them my #3 both together.

Hanguk Godeungojorim is definitely one of the food I will have whenever I go back to Seoul, and I’m more than willing to travel down to Hanguk station just to have this!
Sample Edit copy.008And of course my favourite food at Edae, Alchon Albab! Even though it’s just a bowl of rice with mixed vegetables, Alchon Albab has a sauce that gives it its special taste. On top of that, the Cheese Albab that I always order is only 4,000 krw! Awesomeeeeee. MUST TRY!!! 😀Alchon.008

#02: Soy Sauce Marinated Crab

Ganjanggyejang!!! I cannot forget the taste of this dish the moment I tried it for the one and only time in Seoul. Sigh I wish I had the chance to have it another time, but I will definitely return for more!!! The shop owner is also really friendly and gave us drinks for free! It’s conveniently located at Ahyeon, just a few stops away from Cityhall station 🙂 Give this dish a try, especially if you’re a fan of crabs and sashimi! You won’t regret it 😀

Crab.010 Crab.009#01: Gamjatang

MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For me, nothing beats the taste of gamjatang ❤ ❤ ❤ I absolutely love the taste of gamjatang, especially the hot soup that has been boiled to perfection for hours. The tender pork together with potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables and rice cake is the perfect combination when eaten with rice. Ohhh how I miss gamjatang already!!!!! Guys, this is a MUST MUST MUST try!!! My Korean friends have recommended me 2 chain restaurants, namely Chamimat Gamjatang and Onedang Gamjatang. The one I always go to is Chamimat Gamjatang at Hongdae! 😀CMMGJT.017Processed with VSCOcamTa-da! After looking through all my food photos I’ve finally come up with my Top 10! Pardon the double dishes at #3 because I simply couldn’t make up my mind. If you’re in Korea for a short trip, do check out the above places!!! Looking at all the food photos makes me hungry……..

I miss Korean food!!! Eat more on my behalf guys 🙂

Love, J ❤


Food: Homilpat Patbingsu

PATBINGSU is a MUST-TRY every time you come to Korea! It’s similar to Singapore’s ice kachang – only a lot nicer, and with a greater variety. Most cafés, if not all, have their own variation of bingsu. This means that there is plenty to choose from! 🙂

During my exchange period, there’s a patbingsu shop that I frequent, and it happens to be one of the more famous shops in Seoul: Homilpat.


There are 2 stations you can alight from, Ewha Womans University Station or Sinchon Station. They are both on Line 2, and are 1 stop apart. Personally, I would go for shopping around Ewha before heading down to patbingsu! The first half of the directions are similar to that of Alchon / Mr.Bossam (previously blogged). Here goes 🙂

From Ewha Womans University Station, exit via Exit 2. Walk allllll the way straight after that!
Alchon.001 Alchon.002 Alchon.003 MB.002 MB.003Once you see Aritaum, be prepared to cross the street to the opposite side of the road.MB.004Once you have crossed the street to Vivito / Dunkin Donuts, walk all the way straight.MB.005 MB.006HMP.002HMP.003HMP.004After you have passed by Megabox (which will be on your right), be prepared to cross the road to the opposite side. HMP.005Once you have crossed the road, take a right turn and continue straight down.HMP.006HMP.007HMP.008The shop looks like this 🙂 There will usually be a long queue so be prepared to wait! This shop is very famous amongst both locals and foreigners, especially during summer! Note: The shop stops the queue at 9.30pm so be there before that!

2014-05-10 20.08.52What we ordered: Milk Patbingsu 🙂

You simply HAVE to try this! The shaved ice literally melts in your mouth, unlike the chunky ice that we have in ice kachang. I looove this shop, and it is one of my favourites!!! You can also try the Gelato Milk Tea Bingsu at Cafe Pascucci – another of my favourites 🙂

Love, J ❤

Food: Mr.Bossam

Have you ever heard of Bossam (보쌈)? It’s actually pork belly that’s boiled and sliced into thin pieces. When my friend first introduced me to this dish, I thought “isn’t this the san cheng rou in Singapore?” – but when I tried it, OHMY deliciouuuusss 😀 MB.001Directions:

Take to Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2), exit through Exit 2. Similar to the previous directions for Alchon Albab, walk all the way straight!Alchon.001 Alchon.002 Alchon.003 MB.002When you see Olive Young, continue walking straight, and you will pass by Aritaum.MB.003 MB.004After you pass by Aritaum, keep going straight and cross the road (as shown in picture). Make a left turn the moment you cross the road, and you will pass by shops like Dunkin Donuts, Club Clio and more.
MB.005 MB.006The shop, Mr.Bossam, is right next to Smoothie King. MB.007You’ll need to take the stairs down to the shop!MB.008 MB.009 MB.010 MB.011Free flow side dishes, self service!MB.012Bibimmyeon free of charge, given to every table in the shop 🙂MB.013Introducing Bossam 😀 I chose the original flavour, while my friend took the garlic flavour because she’s a huuuuuge fan of garlic :O

I like eating my Bossam this way:
MB.014 MB.015The meat here literally melts in your mouth (not kidding), and eating it together with rice just brings out the flavour even more!

This is my favourite Bossam stall thus far, and it’s really popular! They have lunch sets, whereby the prices are reduced. During lunch time, the original flavour that I ordered costs 6,000 krw, while the garlic flavour costs 6,500 krw. If you want to try this out, go during 11.30am-3pm to enjoy the discounted prices!

Note: I think this shop isn’t open on Sundays!

Love, J ❤

Food: Alchon Albab

Most of you already know “bibimbap”, the signature Korean dish. It literally means “mixed rice”, and consists of rice with a variety of vegetables, egg, gochujang (korea’s chilli paste) and more. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of bibimbap. Rather, I prefer the dish “albab”, which is similar to bibimbap except that it’s with fish roe. My friends introduced this store to me when I was on exchange last year, and I fell in love with it instantly!


Take to Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2), and exit via Exit 2. When you exit, you will be able to see Artbox. Continue on forward!
Alchon.001 Alchon.002You will pass by all the roadside stalls along the street, and soon you will see Olleh store.Alchon.003 Alchon.004When you see Olive Young in front of you, take a left turn (before Olive Young!!). Alchon.005Once you have turned left, you will be greeted by a street filled with shops.Alchon.006Bonus: My all-time favourite drink in Korea is from this store! My favourite is called Oreo Mint Choco Latte. It’s a huuuuge drink that costs about 4,300 krw. You might think that it’s quite expensive for a drink – but it’s totally worth the price given the size of the drink 😀

2014-05-03 16.47.18ANYWAY. Bonus drink aside, let’s move on to the awesome restaurant. The restaurant is called “Alchon”, and it’s a few shops away from the drink store. Alchon.007The menu is simple, and I usually order the Cheese Albab with regular spiciness. It costs about 4,000 krw – cheap and delicious!Alchon.008From photos it looks plain, normal and simple but trust me – the way the rice, the ingredients and the sauces are mixed together – WOOHOO 😀

This is one shop I would NOT miss 😉

Love, J ❤

Juno Hair: Magic Volume

Many of my friends have asked me about hair salons in Seoul, and my answer has always been: Juno Hair. I’ve tried a hair salon in the Edae neighbourhood before, and even though the prices there are really cheap, I felt that the quality wasn’t as good. My hair is naturally very (very) curly, and so I’d rather pay more money to go for a better quality cut. After doing some research last year, I decided to give Juno Hair a try, and I loved the results! Ever since then, I’ve only cut my hair at Juno Hair. Today’s my 3rd visit to the salon, in my 3 times here over the past 2 years 🙂

I’ve previously blogged about Juno Hair during my first visit there (here), and in this blog post I will share with everyone the directions to the branch that I always visit!


Take to Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2), and exit via Exit 3. Once you climb the stairs out of the exit, you will see the shop “Teenie Weenie” on your right. From there, walk all the way down the road.

JH.001 JH.002 JH.003Once you see “Olive Young”, keep a look out for the sign “Juno Hair” a few metres ahead.JH.004From here, take a right turn, and you will see the Juno Hair signboard.JH.005 JH.006I always return to the same hair stylist, 남제인 (Nam Jae In). Personally, I trust her skills and ability to give me a highly satisfying haircut 😀 I’ve previously brought my friends and cousins to her as well, and they all left Juno Hair feeling very happy with their hair cut 🙂
JH.007Being an established salon, the service at Juno Hair is without a doubt, top notch! The assistants will constantly offer you drinks and snacks to munch on while you wait. I have very curly hair, so I did Magic Volume at Juno Hair.

Magic Volume is pretty similar to rebonding, except that it gives your hair volume. I’ve always hated how rebonding makes your hair FLAT and stuck to your head grrrrr. And so when I found out about Magic Volume last year, IMAGINE MY JOY! This is like a life saver someone like me. Depending on the length of your hair, it also allows the ends of your hair to curl in 🙂Processed with VSCOcamPost-haircut 🙂 I’m very happy and satisfied with my haircut this time round (as usual), and I loooove how my hair is right now! Yay 🙂

Magic Volume: 220,000 krw

Treatment: 100,000 krw / 150,000 krw / 180,000 krw

Cut & Wash: 28,000 krw

The prices at Juno Hair lies on the pricier side, but if you are looking for a simple cut and wash, do give Juno Hair a try! It’s a reasonable price, and the way the hairstylists cut are very professional. I highly recommend this salon! 😀

Love, J ❤

In preparation to return home: Haircut by Juno Hair!

When my cousins reached Seoul they wanted to do their hair so I brought them with me to Juno Hair! I’ve seen it everywhere along the streets of Seoul but never stepped in cos of the price. However seeing that Joyce & Wenshi got such wonderful cuts from Juno Hair, I decided to give it a try before I head back home and I LOVE IT 😀20130721_190002Being a reknowned salon here you will definitely get the best service! Your choice of drink with snacks – awesome biscuits by the way hahaha.

My hair was so out of control and long I decided to do Magic Volume before I head home! It’s basically like rebonding, but with volume. So…something like soft rebonding I guess.

If you’re looking for a professional hairstylist, do give Juno Hair a try! It’s everywhere but I went to the one at Ewha Womans University. Walk out from Exit3 and walk all the way straight, you should see Juno Hair on your right. It’s on the 2nd floor! Look for Jane 😀

She’s really cute and nice! She spoke super slowly to us in English to ensure that we understand what she’s trying to say, and conversed with us so that we won’t be bored hehehe. Oh and she walked us all the way down the stairs to say bye to us! Kekeke ❤

When I return to Singapore I think I won’t let any random person cut my hair for me!!! I finally understand how HY feels aigo. Now it’s time to hunt for a korean salon in Singapore!!! T.T