Thank you :)

A few days ago, I made up my mind to close this site since I haven’t updated this space in over a year. Today, I managed to enter this site (after having to reset my password because I’ve simply forgotten), and was shocked at the statistics, and to see this site still getting views and readers.

Thank you all :’)

I won’t say things like “I’ll do better”, or “I’ll keep updating as much as possible from now on” etc etc for 2 main reasons:

#1: I know I wouldn’t be able to keep that promise

#2: There’s nothing much for me to recommend here in Singapore anyway

Ever since I’ve started work, I’ve found myself going out less, meeting people less and exploring things less. My life now involves the standard 9am-6pm stuck in office – and this means that I no longer have the freedom I once had in University, to explore new food places, or even to hang out with friends. With limited time on my hands, I believe it’s a matter of choosing how you spend your time, such that you would spend what little time you have, with the people who matter.

Besides, there are tons of people out there who can introduce you to the delicious Singapore delicacies 🙂

That said, I’ll keep this space open because…who knows? 😉

Just one thing to take note – I’ve made a short trip to Seoul earlier this year and found that the gamjatang store at Hongdae has been closed (SOBS) – but there’s a branch at Sinchon (in between Sinchon and Edae). I didn’t manage to take any photos when I was there, but just google the name and you’ll be able to find it!

Even though this space is pretty dead, I hope it’ll still be useful for those of you planning your trips, and that you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful delicacies as I once did too.

With love,



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