Food: Apgujeong Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice has got to be one of the more standard Korean meals around. Surprisingly though, I’ve only found 1 store that satisfies my cravings for kimchi fried rice, and the shop is located along the streets of Apgujeong Rodeo! My friend and I stumbled upon this small shop last year while on exchange, and fell in love with the food there! To add on, it appears many celebrities visit this place as well, as the shop’s walls are plastered with signatures that dates back to 2006! The signatures of the entire Infinity Challenge crew (Yoo Jaesuk, HaHa etc) can also be found 🙂 Idols like Lee Hongki and G-Dragon appears to have patronised the shop before too!


Take to Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Bundang Line), and exit via Exit 5.

AP.001Upon exiting the station, walk straight till you reach Paris Baguette Cafe.AP.002 AP.003Take a right turn once you reach Paris Baguette.AP.004Continue all the way straight this road, till you see the following shop (photo below).AP.005Take a left turn.AP.006Continue straight for a short while till you see a convenient store named “C&U”. Take a right turn into the following alley (photo below).AP.007 AP.008 AP.009 AP.010 AP.011What we ordered: Mandu (3,000 krw)AP.012What we ordered: Seafood Sujaebi (5,500 krw)

Sujaebi is pretty similar to Singapore’s mee hoon kuay! I opted for this dish because I wanted something soupy and light. This did the trick 🙂AP.013What we ordered: Kimchi Fried Rice (5,000 krw)

Yummmmy 🙂 I’m always contented after a meal at this shop, because the ahjummas are all very friendly. It’s a very small shop that is also popular – so you might have to wait for a little while!

Love, J ❤


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