Food: Soy Sauce Marinated Crab @ Ahyeon

간장게장 (Ganjanggejang), literally means soy sauce marinated crab. The meat is raw and fresh, and is similar to sashimi-style. A few days back, my friends and I went to a shop at Ahyeon to try 간장게장 for the first time! Guess what? 간장게장 is officially my #1 favourite food here in Korea!!! 😀 I’m an avid crab lover and sashimi, and having crabs in sashimi style was simply a wonderful experience! I love it so much, I’m making time to go down to the restaurant one more time before I fly back home. The restaurant is relatively easy to locate, and the prices are reasonable. On top of everything, the service we got from the restaurant owner is definitely A+! I think he was excited to have foreign patrons (lol) he even took a photo of us kekeke. We also got coke for free so yay to that!!


Take to Ahyeon Station (Line 2), and exit the station via Exit 4.
Crab.001The arrow in the photo depicts where you will exit the station from. Upon exiting the station, turn around and you should see KB Bank (photo below). Crab.002Follow the directions as shown in the photo above.Crab.003Continue walking all the way straight.Crab.004 Crab.005Cross the zebra crossing to the opposite side of the road, and make a right turn, as shown in the photo above.Crab.006Turn left into the next turn.
Crab.007The restaurant is located along the street when you make a turn.Crab.008Ahyeon-dong GanjanggejangCrab.009What we ordered: 꽃게간장게장 Soy sauce marinated flower crab

There were a few options on the menu, including the spicy version of the marinated crab. We chose this because the shop owner said it’s a larger portion (LOL). This costs 15,000 krw each 🙂Crab.010How to eat: Holding the crab head in one head, mix the crab fillings properly, ensuring that you get every bit that’s stuck in the corners (you don’t want to waste any). Upon mixing, add a scoop of rice and mix the rice together with the crab filling. Continue doing so for the remaining crab parts! You can choose to suck the meat out of the different parts, or use a chopstick to get the meat out and mix them together with rice.

Sluuuurrrrpppsss! 😀

The crab fillings, sauce and rice goes superbly well! When I tried it for the first time, I was so amazed at the taste, because it was something I have never tried before. Ah how I wish they sell this dish in Singapore too. I’ve asked a few Korean friends about it and apparently they feel that this dish is well-loved by Koreans but still relatively unknown to foreigners! This is really a pity because it’s reaaaalllyyy goooood especially if you love crabs 😀

The next time you visit Seoul, do give this a try! Personally, I would say this is a MUST try, especially if it’s not available in your country.

Love, J ❤


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