Food: Choco Blossom Café

Helloooo! I’ve been rather busy lately since I’ve shifted to another place, and my days are usually occupied with bringing my friend around Seoul! Also, I’ve mainly visited the same few places so there wasn’t much to update. Oops sorryyyyy!

Today I’m here to introduce a café that I recently came across, called Choco Blossom! For all chocolate lovers, I’m 101% sure you’ll love this place! 😀 It’s a nice, cosy little café situated at Sinchon, and I personally love the layout of the place. I couldn’t get to take photos of their interior design, but it’s designed like a loft, and you can have seats on the upper level, on small chairs or cushions. The loft concept is similar to what we see at Singapore’s 2am Dessert & Bar (Holland Village), so it gives off a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Awesome place with awesome desserts!! 😀


Take to Sinchon Station (Line 2), and exit via the U-Plex Departmental Store exit. Similar to previous food posts at the Sinchon area, you should see this red cone upon exiting the station. Cross the road towards the Nature Republic direction, and walk straight.

SSDB.001 SSDB.002 SSDB.003 SSDB.004 SSDB.005

CB.001 CB.002When you pass by Coco Ichibanya, be prepared to take a right turn.CB.003 CB.004Once you take a right turn, you will be greeted with these stores.CB.005Keep a lookout for the Choco Blossom Café signboard! It will be on your right 🙂CB.006What we ordered: Chocolate Ice Flake

It’s basically chocolate bingsu, which is a typical Korean dessert except that it’s chocolate ~ You can see the rice cake on top of the ice, and there is chocolate inside it 😀 The brown toppings tastes like chocolate cornflakes (lol) and goes very well with the chocolate ice! Yummmm 😀CB.007What we ordered: Apple Crumble & Custard Cream

This was served to us piping hot and it was warm and savoury when we took our first bites! The custard was an added sweet touch to the apple crumble, and I love how the crust is soft and sweet 🙂

Previously, my friends also ordered Hot Chocolate drinks in 2 flavours: Blossom Chocolate (normal) and Bitter Chocolate. I was down with a flu then and so could not try them. However, my friends raved over how thick and good the chocolate drinks were! It feels awfully sinful, and yet tempting at the same time 😉

If you’re around the area and are looking for some cosy place to relax, check out Choco Blossom! It’s definitely one in my list right now 🙂

Love, J ❤


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