Food: Noryangjin Fish Market

Ever heard of the huge fish market Noryangjin? 😀 It’s my go-to place when I want to have delicious seafood / sashimi at delicious prices!

I’ve previously blogged about Noryangjin Fish Market during my exchange times, so you can also read the post for further reference here.


Take to Noryangjin Station (Line 1 and 9), and exit via Exit 1 of Line 1. I’m not very sure which exit to exit from if you take Line 9, but it will not be difficult to navigate. When you exit from Exit 1, you will see an overhead bridge right in front of you. Cross the overhead bridge!NFM.001 NFM.002 NFM.003 NFM.004When you finish crossing the overhead bridge, you will see the following entrance towards your left (photo below).NFM.005 NFM.006Take the stairs down, and you will be able to see tons of seafood!!!NFM.007You can choose any seafood you want, and most stores sell around the same price. However, some sellers can be rather forceful so be careful! You have the option of purchasing your seafood and bringing it back to eat, or eat it at Noryangjin itself. If you want to do so, simply collect all your purchases and explore the different restaurants within the fish market.

Personally, I patronise Jinnam Restaurant often, because the staff there are really friendly, they can converse in Mandarin, and the prices are reasonable. Jinnam Restaurant is located on the 2nd level.NFM.008 NFM.009 NFM.010What we ordered: Salmon Sashimi 😀NFM.011What we ordered: Stir-fried Octopus

Processed with VSCOcamWhat we ordered: Barbecued Abalones & PrawnsNFM.012What we ordered: Spicy Fish Stew

Yummyyyy! We were all very satisfied after our meal at Noryangjin Fish Market! It totalled to 27,000 krw per person, and there were 6 of us. It’s really worth the price, because it would probably costs twice the price in Singapore!

Note: The floors of Noryangjin will be wet and dirty so a note of advice would be to avoid wearing pretty shoes there!

Love, J ❤


2 thoughts on “Food: Noryangjin Fish Market

  1. Rebekah says:

    Hey J, I’m planning a trip to Noryangjin and I just wanna check, do I have to buy the raw seafood and take it to Jinnam Restaurant for them to cook or I can just go there and dine. Let me know, thank you!!

    Btw, would you have an idea of what time the market and Jinnam restaurant close?


    • superwomanreturns says:

      Hey! I’m sorry I didn’t get back earlier – I’m not sure if you’ve already been there but anyways, you can head up to Jinnam to dine in w/o buying anything! They sell food there too. I’m not sure if they’ve changed their system but it should be the same 🙂

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