Place of Interest: Garden of Morning Calm

During my day trip to Gapyeong, my friends and I visited Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm. As mentioned in my previous post, we took the shuttle tour bus because it was convenient and easy to navigate. You can find more information about the shuttle tour bus and Petite France in my previous post here.

After Petite France, we made our way to Garden of Morning Calm.

P1140496Similarly, the entrance fee to Garden of Morning Calm is 8,000krw.P1140498I LOVE THIS PLACE! We spent approximately 3 hours at this beautiful place, and felt that our 8,000krw was totally worth it. When we first entered the garden, all 3 of us stood in awe at the sight that greeted us. The view was so breathtaking, and it seems like the true beauty of the place cannot be captured using photos.

I highly recommend everyone to visit this place, and absorb the beauty of this place in person! I’m going to share some photos that I took. Even though the photos cannot do justice to the magnificent beauty of the Garden, I hope it’s enough to share with everyone 🙂P1140503 P1140517 P1140523 Processed with VSCOcam P1140527Panorama shot taken using my phone!P1140531 P1140533 P1140535 P1140536 P1140540 Processed with VSCOcam P1140548 P1140553 P1140557 P1140563 P1140564 P1140565Isn’t this place just beautiful? When I visited Garden of Morning Calm, I truly understood what people meant by “Nothing can capture the true beauty of nature”. Such beauty has to be experienced; not merely seen through lenses nor described using words.

One advice: Wear comfy shoes and be prepared to walk A LOT! 🙂P1140567Love, J ❤


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