Place of Interest: Petite France

Recently, I took a day trip to the Gapyeong area together with 2 friends, because we saw photos of the beautiful Garden of Morning Calm on the internet. After research, we realised that there was a tour shuttle bus that allowed people to visit different places of interest throughout the day, and so we went for that!

순환버스리프렛%28영어%29It’s basically a Gapyeong Circle Tour Bus that costs 5,000krw for each adult. It works the same as a City Tour Bus, where you can hop on and off the bus at the respective stations and timings. Do note that the bus leaves on time so be at the respective stations at least 5-10 minutes earlier! You will be able to purchase the day ticket from the bus driver. You can also get a pamphlet with all necessary information from the bus 🙂


Take the subway to Cheongpyeong Station. It’s a long journey to the station, so be prepared for it! Once you reach the station, come out of Exit 2.
P1140571 P1140570Upon exiting from Exit 2, you will see the above bus stop. The shuttle bus departs and stops here! There will be someone on board the bus who will go around and assist you, helping you plan out the most ideal “route”.P11404225,000krw ticket for the entire day. Do NOT lose this ticket as it allows you to board the shuttle tour bus at the respective stations at their respective timing 🙂

My friends and I chose to visit Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm. Our first stop was Petite France.
P1140425 P1140427Entry to Petite France costs 8,000krw per person!
P1140446The view from Petite FranceP1140430 P1140434 P1140441 P1140454 P1140468 P1140495 P1140494Bonus: There was a scene from the popular drama Man from Stars that was shot at Petite France! As a result, there was a LOT of people queueing to take photos with these photos LOL. Additional attraction maybe? Hahahahaha.

After Petite France, we took the shuttle tour bus to Garden of Morning Calm. I’ll proceed to share pretty photos that I took from the Garden in my next post, so wait for it! 🙂

Love, J ❤


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