Food: Kimsatgat Makgeolli

Everyone who visits Korea will definitely try their Soju, Maekju (beer) and Makgeolli  (rice wine), especially since they go sooo well with Korean food! I’ve talked to a few Korean friends about this, and they told me about the different kinds of alcoholic beverages they drink together with the different Korean dishes:

Korean BBQ: Somaek (Soju + Maekju)

Fried Chicken: Maekju (Hence the phrase ChiMaek, Chicken + Beer)

Korean Pancakes: Makgeolli

Bindaetteok: Makgeolli

Today I’m going to introduce a makgeolli-jib (makgeolli-shop), that my Korean friends brought me to try last year! The one we always order is Honey Makgeolli, which gives it a tinge of sweetness 🙂


Take to Sinchon Station (Line 2), and exit the station via the U-Plex Departmental Store exit. You will be able to see directions from the station itself. Once you exit, you will see the iconic Red Cone (photo below). Cross the road towards Nature Republic.
KSGM.001 KSGM.002 KSGM.003Once you have crossed the road, walk straight for a short while, till you see Krema Coffee Café. Upon reaching Krema Coffee Café, take a left turn into the alley. KSGM.004 KSGM.005After taking the left turn, you will be greeted by another alley with rows of shops. Continue walking straight.KSGM.006When you see Pizza Hut and Samsung, take note, because you will need to make another turn shortly after these shops. KSGM.007Take a right turn here, the junction after Samsung.KSGM.008See the crowd? The shop’s reaaaaalllyyy popular amongst locals!KSGM.009 KSGM.010What we ordered: Honey MakgeolliKSGM.011I really like the presentation of the Honey Makgeolli! It’s also interesting to drink with locals, because they will teach you about drinking etiquettes present in Korea that we previously had no idea about. For example:

One should not pour alcohol for yourself, because it symbolises bad luck. Instead, others should pour one another.

When holding the cup to receive the drink, hold it with both hands as a form of respect.

There are many more etiquettes that the Koreans go by, and I do find it interesting going out for drinks with them because it’s not just amazing to learn about different cultures, but it is also always fun playing their drinking games! 😀
KSGM.012What we ordered: Kimchi Seafood Pajeon

This goes exceptionally well with makgeolli! This combination is my second favourite, after chimaek 😀KSGM.013What we ordered: Korean Spicy Chicken Stew (닭도리탕)

There were 7 of us then and we were all hungry, so our Korean friends ordered Dalkdoritang for us to try, since we haven’t tried it before. It’s basically spicy chicken stew cooked together with potatoes, carrots and onions. According to our friends, this dish is very commonly cooked in Korean homes!

Recommendation: Go for the Honey Makgeolli and Pajeons! Usually, we would go for a light dinner before heading to this shop for Round 2. I have to emphasise light dinner, because they give many side dishes!!! When we ordered both Honey Makgeolli and Pajeon, they would usually give each table a pot of ramen and acorn jelly salad on top of the usual side dishes! Super worth it 😀

P.S: I recently realised that there’re alternative ways to get there, but I’m usually an idiot when it comes to directions, so I stick to the same ones that I know, and take the respective photos. Sinchon can also be very difficult to navigate around if you’re not sure of the location, because of their many hidden alleys on the left and right side!!! If I ever find out faster / easier ways, I’ll update this post 🙂

Love, J ❤


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