Food: Butterfinger Pancakes

Butterfinger Pancakes is one of the more popular brunch places around in Korea, and I absolutely LOVE their pancakes!Β I love fluffy pancakes, fluffy pancakes make me happy ^^ My friends and I were craving for their pancakes one day and so we made our way down to Butterfinger Pancakes for some brunch πŸ™‚


Take to Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Bundang Line – the one that is yellow in colour), exit via Exit 4. Once you exit, you will see Hera on your left. Upon seeing Hera, simply walk alllllll the way straight, till you see Burger King. You will see the following shops along the way:
BFP.001 BFP.002 BFP.003 BFP.004 BFP.005Once you reach Burger King, take a left turn and continue walking straight for approximately 100-200m.BFP.006 BFP.007 BFP.008 BFP.009The menu – front and back. There were sooooo many delicious-looking-things on the menu we were spoilt for choice! We were a group of 4, and so we ordered 2 pancake combinations to share.Β BFP.010What we ordered: Butterfinger’s Original Omelette

Inside the omelette, there are diced mushrooms, tomatoes, and other diced vegetables. Spot the 2 pancakes at the side? Oooooh fluffy fluffy pancakes πŸ˜€ For every pancake dish, you get to choose the type of syrup and butter. We chose maple syrup, and “I can’t believe it’s not butter” butter. Yes, I’m not kidding! Till now, we don’t know what is it, but it really does taste like butter. Do give it a try!
BFP.011What we ordered: Split Decision

Our favourite!!! The name’s called Split Decision because this dish combines pancakes, french toast, potatoes, egg, bacon, sausages and ham. Doesn’t this make you hungry!?!? Similarly, you can choose the type of syrup and butter. We ordered maple syrup (cos it’s just awesome), and original butter. Additionally, you get to choose how you want your egg to be cooked, and we chose scrambled.Β The pancakes are FLUFFY and the french toasts are also SOFT, CREAMY and just AAWWWEESSOOMMEEEEE!!!

I cannot emphasise enough how much I love the food at Butterfinger Pancakes πŸ˜€ Of course, it’s not exactly Korean food. It is however a very good alternative to the usual spicy Korean food, and if you want to add some sweetness in your life πŸ˜‰

P.S: Butterfinger Pancakes is at Apgujeong Rodeo, which is also one of the more “atas” places in Korea! The people here dress relatively nicer than in some other areas of Seoul (hehehe), and so it’s a very nice place to sit in a cafΓ© to chillax and people watch. Also, we took the chance to dress up a liiiittle bit more (like dresses, heels and all), just for the sake of it.

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Love, J ❀


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