Food: Mr.Bossam

Have you ever heard of Bossam (보쌈)? It’s actually pork belly that’s boiled and sliced into thin pieces. When my friend first introduced me to this dish, I thought “isn’t this the san cheng rou in Singapore?” – but when I tried it, OHMY deliciouuuusss 😀 MB.001Directions:

Take to Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2), exit through Exit 2. Similar to the previous directions for Alchon Albab, walk all the way straight!Alchon.001 Alchon.002 Alchon.003 MB.002When you see Olive Young, continue walking straight, and you will pass by Aritaum.MB.003 MB.004After you pass by Aritaum, keep going straight and cross the road (as shown in picture). Make a left turn the moment you cross the road, and you will pass by shops like Dunkin Donuts, Club Clio and more.
MB.005 MB.006The shop, Mr.Bossam, is right next to Smoothie King. MB.007You’ll need to take the stairs down to the shop!MB.008 MB.009 MB.010 MB.011Free flow side dishes, self service!MB.012Bibimmyeon free of charge, given to every table in the shop 🙂MB.013Introducing Bossam 😀 I chose the original flavour, while my friend took the garlic flavour because she’s a huuuuuge fan of garlic :O

I like eating my Bossam this way:
MB.014 MB.015The meat here literally melts in your mouth (not kidding), and eating it together with rice just brings out the flavour even more!

This is my favourite Bossam stall thus far, and it’s really popular! They have lunch sets, whereby the prices are reduced. During lunch time, the original flavour that I ordered costs 6,000 krw, while the garlic flavour costs 6,500 krw. If you want to try this out, go during 11.30am-3pm to enjoy the discounted prices!

Note: I think this shop isn’t open on Sundays!

Love, J ❤


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