Food: Alchon Albab

Most of you already know “bibimbap”, the signature Korean dish. It literally means “mixed rice”, and consists of rice with a variety of vegetables, egg, gochujang (korea’s chilli paste) and more. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of bibimbap. Rather, I prefer the dish “albab”, which is similar to bibimbap except that it’s with fish roe. My friends introduced this store to me when I was on exchange last year, and I fell in love with it instantly!


Take to Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2), and exit via Exit 2. When you exit, you will be able to see Artbox. Continue on forward!
Alchon.001 Alchon.002You will pass by all the roadside stalls along the street, and soon you will see Olleh store.Alchon.003 Alchon.004When you see Olive Young in front of you, take a left turn (before Olive Young!!). Alchon.005Once you have turned left, you will be greeted by a street filled with shops.Alchon.006Bonus: My all-time favourite drink in Korea is from this store! My favourite is called Oreo Mint Choco Latte. It’s a huuuuge drink that costs about 4,300 krw. You might think that it’s quite expensive for a drink – but it’s totally worth the price given the size of the drink 😀

2014-05-03 16.47.18ANYWAY. Bonus drink aside, let’s move on to the awesome restaurant. The restaurant is called “Alchon”, and it’s a few shops away from the drink store. Alchon.007The menu is simple, and I usually order the Cheese Albab with regular spiciness. It costs about 4,000 krw – cheap and delicious!Alchon.008From photos it looks plain, normal and simple but trust me – the way the rice, the ingredients and the sauces are mixed together – WOOHOO 😀

This is one shop I would NOT miss 😉

Love, J ❤


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