Food: Palsaik Samgyupsal

I’m sure many of you have heard “8 Flavours Korean BBQ” in Singapore (The Central, Clarke Quay). A few days back, a few of us decided to visit the original branch in Sinchon, Seoul. It was my first time to the restaurant, but I’ve heard many compliments about the restaurant so I couldn’t wait to try it out!


Take to Sinchon Station (Line 2), and exit via Exit 6. Once you come out of the exit, walk all the way straight till the end, where you will see a 7-11 store.
PSSGS.001 PSSGS.002Upon reaching 7-11, take a left turn and continue down the road. PSSGS.003 PSSGS.004 PSSGS.005 PSSGS.006Once you reach this cross junction, cross the road and take the traffic light to the opposite side, as shown in the pictures above and below. PSSGS.007 PSSGS.008After crossing the road, turn to your right and you will see the restaurant just a few metres ahead!PSSGS.009 PSSGS.010 PSSGS.011It appeared to be very famous, with many local and foreign “endorsements” about the restaurant. Also, there was a crowd in the restaurant. The shop itself is rather big, so we did not have to wait for long. Most of the staff speaks chinese, so communication shouldn’t be a huge issue!PSSGS.012 PSSGS.013We ordered 1 set of the 8-flavoured pork, since it was supposedly the famous one. If I don’t remember wrongly, this set costs 30,000 krw. PSSGS.014We also ordered additional mushrooms and the regular samgyupsal.PSSGS.015The staff at the restaurant will help you cook the meat, mushrooms and kimchi. (By the way, barbecued kimchi is the BEST :D)  PSSGS.016They also serve this huge bowl of soup (된장찌개 if I’m not wrong), which surprised me because most shops only serve a small bowl of soup per table. PSSGS.017Doing it the korean way – lettuce wrapped meat + kimchi + gochujang 🙂

Overall, the meal was satisfactory. It might have been because I haven’t had samgyupsal for a long time, or because I was feeling hungry at that time. Personally though, I felt that the prices were on a high side, as I have had samgyupsal for only 8,000 krw (and it tastes equally, or some even more, delicious!) Personal preference, I guess! 🙂

Would I go back again? It depends. If my friends want to try out the original store, I wouldn’t mind going back again. However, I would keep my options open for other cheaper alternatives, especially if you’re looking for cheap and good food!

To each his own 🙂

Love, J ❤


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