Food: Sinchon Sundubu

I’m sure that everyone of you will have your own “comfort food”. Here in Korea, jjigaes (찌개s), or stews, are considered one of my comfort food. Amongst all the 찌개s here, I love Sundubu Jjigae (순두부찌개) the most! Back when I was on exchange in Ewha, there were times when I walked down to Sinchon (filled with delicious food!!!). So today, here’s introducing my favourite 순두부찌개 shop at Sinchon, 맛있는순두부&김치찜 🙂

Take the subway to Sinchon Station (Line 2) and exit the station via the UPLEX exit. You will be greeted by this red “cone” right outside the exit.
SSDB.001Cross the road towards Nature Republic.
SSDB.002Walk along Nature Republic (left wards). SSDB.003Walk all the way straight, and you will pass by shops like Krispy Kreme (above), Innisfree (below) and more.SSDB.004 SSDB.005 SSDB.006After a short walk, you will see a shop with the above brown signboard.
SSDB.007Tada! The shop is merely a short 5 minutes (or less) walk from the subway. Very convenient!SSDB.008The menu, with different languages for foreigners. The shop is generally crowded, loved by both the locals and foreigners, so be prepared to queue for a short while.SSDB.009On the table – free flow seaweed, free flow eggs 😀 😀 😀 SSDB.010Self-bar – all the side dishes above are free flow as well!SSDB.011Original Sundubu 6,000 krwSSDB.012Seafood Sundubu 6,000 krw

All of us left the shop feeling veeerrryyyyy full and verrryyyyy satisfied 😀 My friends went for rice refills, stuffed ourselves silly with tons of seaweed and side dishes, enjoying the steaming hot soup stew 🙂

Love, J ❤


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