Food: Chamimat Gamjatang

Gamjatang 감자탕, is Korea’s famous pork bone soup. 감자 (gamja) is actually potatos in korean, and so many of us were confused when we first tasted the dish because we expected to see tons of potatoes in the dish. Rather, this dish is served with boiling pork bone soup with a tinge of potato taste. I believe the potatoes are boiled together with the pork bone (and hence the name? I’m not very sure about that!). There are huge chunks of pork bone in the dish, together with some potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms and tanghoon. It goes best with rice, which can be additionally ordered at 1,000 krw (in general). 감자탕 is actually my #1 favourite dish here, because I love the tenderness of the meat, softness of the potatoes and thickness of the broth!

The shop that I usually go to is called 참이맛 감자탕 (Chamimat Gamjatang), and it is situated in Hongdae. In fact, the shop is approximately 200 metres away from Yeolbong Jjimdalk (as blogged previously), and so the first half of the directions will be the same as that of Yeolbong Jjimdalk’s.


Take to Hongik University Station (Line 2) and exit via Exit 9. Once you come out of the exit, you will see this view:


JD.002From Exit 9, walk straight along the road as shown in the above photo.
JD.003JD.004When you reach Zoo Coffee, take a right turn, and you will see a road lined with trees on both sides. Follow the road all the way straight!JD.005JD.006Once you pass by H&M on your right, cross the road.JD.007Once you have crossed the road from H&M, keep going straight.

CMMGJT.008JD.010You will pass by Redeye (one of my favourite accessories shops), as well as Nature Republic (photo below). JD.011JD.012Once you see Prince Edward Noraebang (KTV) to your left, Yeolbong Jjimdalk is near. Upon reaching Yeolbong Jjimdalk, continue walking straight, and you will pass by 7-11.

CMMGJT.012A few shops after 7-11, you will see “Snow Spoon Frozen Yoghurt” right at the corner.CMMGJT.013Take a left turn at Snow Spoon Frozen Yoghurt Café.CMMGJT.014From the picture, you will see an arrow pointing at a yellow signboard. That’s where 참이맛 감자탕 is.CMMGJT.015 CMMGJT.016The restaurant is located at the 2nd level, so you will have to climb the stairs up.

CMMGJT.017My favourite – 감자탕

I shared this with 4 other people, and it costs a total of 27,000 krw for the medium one. Rice costs 1,000 krw each. In total, I paid approximately 8,000 krw for the entire meal (since it is shared among 4 people) – totally worth my money! Small eaters can go for the small portion, and it costs 21,000 krw. The large one costs 32,000 krw.

Many of my friends said that it tastes a lot like Singapore’s bak kut teh (and I think it’s true!), except that it’s a little spicier. The dish is one of my favourite ones here in Seoul, and I even had it twice when I visited Seoul last December. Do give it a try! 🙂

Love, J ❤


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