In preparation to return home: Haircut by Juno Hair!

When my cousins reached Seoul they wanted to do their hair so I brought them with me to Juno Hair! I’ve seen it everywhere along the streets of Seoul but never stepped in cos of the price. However seeing that Joyce & Wenshi got such wonderful cuts from Juno Hair, I decided to give it a try before I head back home and I LOVE IT 😀20130721_190002Being a reknowned salon here you will definitely get the best service! Your choice of drink with snacks – awesome biscuits by the way hahaha.

My hair was so out of control and long I decided to do Magic Volume before I head home! It’s basically like rebonding, but with volume. So…something like soft rebonding I guess.

If you’re looking for a professional hairstylist, do give Juno Hair a try! It’s everywhere but I went to the one at Ewha Womans University. Walk out from Exit3 and walk all the way straight, you should see Juno Hair on your right. It’s on the 2nd floor! Look for Jane 😀

She’s really cute and nice! She spoke super slowly to us in English to ensure that we understand what she’s trying to say, and conversed with us so that we won’t be bored hehehe. Oh and she walked us all the way down the stairs to say bye to us! Kekeke ❤

When I return to Singapore I think I won’t let any random person cut my hair for me!!! I finally understand how HY feels aigo. Now it’s time to hunt for a korean salon in Singapore!!! T.T


3 thoughts on “In preparation to return home: Haircut by Juno Hair!

    • superwomanreturns says:

      Hello! I’m so so so sorry – I left this blog unattended for months because I was too caught up with school. It costs about $200!

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