First Baseball Match in Korea!

23rd May 2013

Jeaness’s buddy Ensun brought us to watch our first baseball match here in Korea! We supported her favourite team, Doosan Bears (and thankfully they won!!!). We watched Doosan Bears vs Nexen and I think both teams were equally matched because they drew 0-0, 1-1 all the way till Round12 when Doosan Bears scored the winning point. OMG the final round was INTENSE. Everyone stood up to support the players!

The most amazing thing about the baseball match is the ATMOSPHERE! Wowwwww. Every single player had their own “theme song” and “cheer” so it was really cool cheering along with them to their different cheer like wowwwwww. Some cheers were really fun! I’m so glad I got a chance to go! And baseball is actually quite interesting! Definitely going again 😀20130523_182839_1 20130523_183514 20130523_202359 P1120329 P1120330 P1120332 P1120334 P1120336 P1120339 P1120341When everyone stood up during the last round!!!
P1120344Yay love these 2 players 😀


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